2007 programme choices 2007 programme choices

As the clock ticks approach single digit figures, the organising team are ramping up. Everything’s coming along smoothly in time for a kick-arse start on Monday.

One thing that makes me sad is that I’ll likely not be able to watch a lot of the talks – but if I do get a chance, I’d see these:

  • clustering tdb by Andrew Tridgell. When I first saw this proposal came in, I knew it was a good one. Someone should make an LDAP server that doesn’t suck, and use tdb to solve the multimaster replication problem in the storage layer. Oh wait – that’s what he’s doing already.

  • Puppet by Luke Kanies. Luke’s been working on this awesome next-generation systems configuration management tool for a few years now. He approached me, back in the day, to be a beta-tester – he and I were both hitting scaling problems with cfengine. I hope every sysadmin makes it to this talk!

There’s a few others to note: Theodore T’so always has an interesting talk; this year he’s giving two cool subjects a run. The tutorial on heartbeat 2 by Alan Robertson is sure to be full of good loadbalancing fu.

There’s lots of exciting things going on in the programme, so I hope to see you all next week!