2007 programme first draft 2007 programme first draft

Last night the Seven met, as they do, around a dark table, deep below the city in a room built by the Templar Knights; surrounded, as normal, by ancient iconography of power and knowledge. Their goal: a draft programme for LCA 2007.

We ranked the streams in order of popularity; nothing too scientific, based purely on presenter name and subject matter, what would likely draw the biggest crowds?

Then with that ordering, we’d go through the streams, picking off the top of all lists, and putting them in the biggest room. Repeat for the next one in the next talk slot, offsetting them so that no two venues would carry the same stream at the same time.

halfway through the first programme draft

By the end of it, we had a nice patchwork quilt.

the finished draft

I don’t think we’re done with it, yet, but it’s a good start!