looking for RPC interfaces to bug trackers

looking for RPC interfaces to bug trackers

I’m trying to find some documentation on Bugzilla’s supposed XML-RPC API. A lot of people, according to Google, especially around the Gnome and Fedora traps, are talking about it, but as yet I haven’t found anything on the internets describing what the fucking API is.

Also, alledgedly, there were plans for a SourceForget XML-RPC interface too – chances of this actually existing let alone finding any documentation: close to nil.

If anyone has any clues or actual docs, please comment in your regular planet, or email me :)

(If you’re curious, and you probably are, I’m working on a GTK triage tool, for aggregating bugs from various locations on similar projects. arch coords are jaq@spacepants.org--2004/bugtool--main--0.)

Debbugs and RT interfaces have been pretty easy; if you’ve got docs for another interface that actually exists, let me know too. I’m only going through the pain of SF and bugzilla integration because of the high mindshare these two have.