Smiley Man
Death Theatre II

In spring 1998, I created Smiley Man Death Theatre. This was because although I thought Stick figure Death Theater was one of the best sites on the planet, I realised that there was a smug little creature that had been plaguing mankind since the sixties and deserved some payback. Unfortunately, the University supervisor didn't like it much so it had to go. So much for good taste. Now it's back, with a few more deaths thrown in for good measure.

This page is still dedicated to everyone with a cheerful disposition.

DISCLAIMER: If you are not familiar with the concept of reality, read the passage below before continuing.

Please note that all of these animations are (A) cartoons and (B) really graphic in depictions of Smiley Man deaths. If you think you will be offended or in any way disturbed by the senseless and vile dispatching of countless happy smiling tennis balls, do NOT click on the link below marked 'YES'.

If you feel you will want to recreate anything you see with family, friends, people in general or harmless furry animals, do NOT click on the link below marked 'YES'.

Now, please choose an option below...

YES - I am fully prepared to observe Smiley Man deaths, and feel that watching them will not alter my mental state enough for me to want to kill people.

NO - I feel I am too impressionable to be exposed to such things and think it is best all round if I go look at happy, fluffy bunny rabbits and cute kittens.